Anonymous said: There's no way you're Mexican

Oh yes there is. My dad put his ding dang in my mom’s vagoo and bing bang boom here I am.

Artist: UnknownVampire Weekend
Title: UnknownA-Punk
Album: UnknownVampire Weekend
Plays: 4,483
Artist: UnknownDisclosure ft. Eliza DooLittle
Title: UnknownYou & Me (Flume Remix)
Album: Unknown
Plays: 2,530
Artist: UnknownTove Lo
Title: UnknownStay High (feat. Hippie Sabotage) [Habits Remix]
Album: UnknownTruth Serum - EP
Plays: 2,742

Anonymous said: do you watch soul eater?

Hell yes I do. Anyone who hasn’t seen it really should

Anonymous said: Ayy we have the same birthday

Hell yeah

Anonymous said: I think I'm fallin for you

You should get up

Anonymous said: I saw your Wayne post, I have the feels.. Any other rap suggestions about feeling lonely, I just needa drown myself in music rn!

Immortal technique has some. Hopsin has good mental jams too